Building IT infrastructure with Dell Technologies & VMware

Constructing IT systems using Dell Technologies and VMware

Leveraging information technology (IT) can benefit businesses in several ways. And in today’s markets, business IT solutions are paramount for a company’s survival. The backbone of any cutting-edge enterprise is its IT infrastructure, and in this regard, tech giants, Dell Technologies and VMware, lead the charge. 

This article will explore how these technology providers can pave the way for a more efficient and scalable IT environment. 

IT infrastructure explained

Information technology (IT) infrastructure relates to the technical solutions required for the existence, management, and operation of a company’s IT environment. The two types of IT infrastructure companies should know about are:

Generally speaking, organizations today ought to adopt a range of components for their IT infrastructure—a combination of physical resources (computers, web servers, routers, etc.), software applications, and cloud-based solutions.

Why do businesses need an IT environment?

Business IT solutions are not a trend. According to Microsoft’s research, 87% of employees recognize the increasing importance of embracing digital transformation nowadays. But to reach a state where they can upgrade their technology and processes, companies must have an IT infrastructure.

With an IT infrastructure, you can:   

What is Dell Technologies?

One of the world’s most prominent technology organizations, Dell Technologies has long been at the forefront of technological innovation, regularly introducing business IT solutions that generate better efficiency, productivity, and consistent operational growth. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio, encompassing everything from hardware like laptops and servers to software and cloud solutions.

What Dell Technologies can offer IT infrastructures

Dell Technologies’ business IT solutions are designed to cater to organizations of all sizes and across all sectors. The tech giant provides the tools and technologies that businesses need to build and maintain a robust, efficient, and intuitive IT infrastructure. 

For instance, Dell’s PowerEdge servers can provide businesses with superior technical performance and agility—ideal for companies looking to enhance their computing capabilities. Likewise, Dell PowerStore provides scalable, high-performance storage that can handle the data-intensive workloads of modern businesses.

As a whole, Dell Technologies provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that can equip businesses with the physical and software resources they need to build an optimal IT infrastructure. 

What is VMware?

VMware is a global leader in multi-cloud services and tools. The cloud solutions provider empowers businesses to take full advantage of public cloud computing platforms like Azure, GCP, and AWS. With VMware, companies can rest assured knowing that their applications and operations can readily adapt to the cloud.  

What VMware can offer IT infrastructures

VMware’s offerings for IT infrastructures are designed to deliver security, networking capabilities, and virtualization. 

For example, vSphere is the company’s virtualization suite. With it, businesses can apply cloud functionality to their on-premises tools and manage them through a central platform.  Additionally, VMware NSX—a security and network virtualization solution—can automate network functions and security for greater performance and flexibility. 

With VMware, businesses can feel confident knowing that their IT environment is fully capable of leveraging the cloud 24/7/365. 

How to leverage Dell Technologies and VMware to build an IT infrastructure

Cost-effective IT infrastructure management and design by a prominent managed service provider

With Dell Technologies and VMware, companies can access a vast catalog of business IT solutions to design and set up a highly efficient IT environment. This comprehensive range of solutions empowers businesses to optimize their operations, streamline processes, and achieve their strategic goals with confidence.

As a trusted partner of the aforementioned technology providers, Davenport Group offers managed services that provide organizations with the IT support and consulting they need to utilize a Dell and VMware-powered IT environment

Contact the Davenport Group team today to source the latest Dell and VMware solutions that will enhance your company’s efficiency, security, and scalability.

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