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Mobile Client Devices

Mobile devices help your team stay connected and productive no matter where they work. Dell Technologies’ vast portfolio of laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1s is guaranteed to have something perfect for your workplace, school, or office.

Dell Technologies offers laptops and 2-in-1s for every worker in every environment. The Latitude line gives you secure, manageable features perfect for sales teams, executives, and students. If you have people working in the field in extreme conditions, the Rugged series provides reliability and durability on the road. Do you have professional, graphics-intensive, and data-intensive workloads? Precision Mobile workstations are ideal for your engineers, designers, and scientists. Finally, the XPS line combines premium design features, like infinity screens, with professional performance.

For the workplace in need of extreme portability, Latitude tablets help your people stay productive on the go.  These powerful tablets are perfect for retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and education.

Dell Technologies also offers Chromebooks for easy and secure access to web-based applications. With Chromebooks, you get worry-free productivity and a connected ecosystem.


For those working on desktops, Dell Technologies provides best-in-class devices for every environment. The OptiPlex line brings you secure, manageable, and reliable features. They come in a wide variety of form factors that can fit seamlessly into offices of every shape and size.

If you’re looking for computers to handle your professional, graphic, and data-intensive work, Precision Workstations will give you the powerful performance you need. The innovative design features and exclusive technologies are perfect for engineers, scientists, media workers.

Cloud-Client Computing

With Dell Technologies solutions in cloud-client devices, your computing power, data, and applications are moved to a data center through desktop virtualization. These solutions include Wyse Thin Client, Wyse Zero Client, Wyse All-in-One, and Wyse Mobile Thin Client. With such a diverse range of offerings in cloud-client computing, Davenport Group can help you make the move to virtualization no matter your individual needs. The Wyse line is ideal for people handling highly sensitive data while following compliance regulations. These solutions are excellent for healthcare, finance, government, and education.

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