Dell Intros TLC 3D NAND Flash, Brings All-Flash SC4020 to $1.66/GB Raw

This new flash storage technology in many ways changes everything about storage, said Paul Clifford, president of Davenport Group, a St. Paul, Minn.-based solution provider and longtime Dell partner.

“It’s not so much the innovation of the new flash memory,” Clifford said. “It’s the major impact it will have on spinning disks. We’ll be able to get more performance with six of these new SSDs than we get with 72 15,000-rpm hard disks. The way we approach capacity and performance today needs a balancing act between flash and spinning disks. For companies with the money, they’ll do what it takes to get the performance they need. For the rest, they want speed, but are concerned about capacity. The new technology lets us take care of both.”