Davenport Group Master Services Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

An MSA (Master Services Agreement) is a comprehensive contract that standardizes the terms and conditions governing the business relationship between two parties.

An MSA outlines the general framework for future projects and services, ensuring clarity, consistency, and legal protections for both parties.

Yes! Please connect with your Davenport Group Account Executive, and a copy will be provided.

If your organization exclusively purchases products from Davenport Group and does not require our consulting or service offerings, the MSA may not be directly applicable to you. We encourage each of our customers to consider signing the MSA even if you are not currently engaged with Davenport Group service offerings, as having it on record will facilitate a smoother and more efficient level of support if you decide to utilize our services in the future.

We are open to discussing necessary modifications or additions, provided they are mutually agreeable and legally compliant to accommodate the unique requirements of your business.

The payment terms stated in the MSA are our default payment terms, applicable unless otherwise specified in individual project agreements. They define the agreed-upon payment schedule, accepted payment terms, and any applicable past-due payment fees.

The goal of our MSA payment terms is a standardized and consistent approach to billing for our business; however, we are open to discussing payment terms on a project-by-project basis.

The MSA outlines the termination clauses and the conditions under which either party may terminate the agreement. Please review Section 4 for specific requirements.

The term for the MSA is generally set at 3 years unless specified differently in individual project orders.

The MSA may be subject to amendments or updates over time to accommodate changes in the business relationship or legal requirements. All amendments or updates will be communicated to you in a timely manner.

Please contact your Davenport Group Account Executive.

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