Network and Connectivity Solutions

Open Networking Solutions

Davenport Group has the equipment and the solutions with Dell Open Networking to provide an end-to-end solution for your entire organization.  Dell Networking’s open solution gives you a flexible, easy to manage, and powerful network, while also creating opportunities in the world of software-defined networking.

Software-Defined Networking

Instead of managing your network separately from your applications, software-defined networking, or SDN,  gives you the capability to manage your network with your applications.  Instead of building applications to work within the constraints of your network configuration, you can now mold the network software to your own application needs.  You can build network or firewall rules that are no longer limited to living in a single hardware appliance, but instead float within your virtualized network environment with the actual virtual machine.

Wireless Network

More and more customers are moving to a full wireless solution for their user base.  We have one of the best wireless solutions in the industry with Aerohive.  Aerohive provides a powerful and easy to manage solution.  As a controller-less solution, you could consider it a “virtual-wireless” solution.