Storage Solutions

Block Level Storage Solutions

Davenport Group offers the best in SAN solutions for every environment. From your core data center to your remote offices, we have SAN solutions to optimize your capacity and your performance.

XtremeIO and Dell PS Storage are scale-out solutions. As you add nodes in scale-out architecture, you increase both compute power and storage capacity.  This means you’re always adding performance when you add storage.

Dell SC Storage and Unity are scale-up solutions.  With these options, you can add capacity to your current array by adding more disks. You can keep adding storage until you reach the capacity limit of your system.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Solutions

NAS solutions, such as Dell EMC Isilon, help you manage your storage at the file level instead of at the block level.  This means that you can scale your storage with zero disruptions to your data center.  If you need reliable remote access to your data and easy file sharing, NAS might be the perfect choice for you. NAS helps you keep data secure, and it allows you to scale in the future.

If you have large amounts of data and you’re still looking to grow, NAS solutions are your easiest route to seamless organization.  The file systems used on NAS solutions allow for billions of files per directory, which is exactly what you need in Big Data environments like data analytics or legal hold.

Unified Storage Solutions

Want the best of both worlds? With unified storage solutions like Unity, Dell SC Storage, and Nexenta, you can have both NAS and block access in the same storage solution.

Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Solutions

Direct Attached Storage, or DAS, gives you simplicity and flexibility in accessing your ones and zeros. For smaller workplaces looking for performance and an economical investment, DAS will fit right in.