Everything businesses need to know about Azure security

All Businesses Need to Understand About Azure Security

With its penchant for streamlined productivity and cost-effectiveness, there are various reasons why businesses should be leveraging the power of the cloud. And in today’s IT landscape, Microsoft Azure has proven to be a robust solution for companies everywhere. But with that being said, the more businesses host their assets in the cloud, the more organizations’ cybersecurity postures need to improve. 

Versatile and comprehensive, Microsoft Azure contains a vast array of security controls and features designed to reduce cybersecurity risks and bolster defenses for cloud-based IT solutions. By knowing what these tools are and what they can do, companies will be able to strengthen their cybersecurity postures and better secure their Azure-powered workspace.  

Microsoft Azure explained

One of the three main cloud computing platforms, Azure grants users the ability to design work programs and processes using Microsoft’s cloud resources. Offered through a comprehensive licensing system, Azure can be utilized by companies for various purposes, from storage to application design/management.

Why do businesses need Azure security?

In a business landscape where threats such as denial-of-service attacks and phishing attacks continue to plague companies, cybersecurity risks are a constant threat to businesses of all sizes. Reportedly, cyber-attacks that are based in the cloud have increased.

As such, companies must have the latest security tools protecting their IT solutions, no matter what stage of their cloud journey they are on. Azure security makes it easier for organizations to take full advantage of innovative security solutions that can enhance pre-existing cybersecurity strategies. 

When brought together, Azure security will grant your business a holistic security ecosystem that is not only compliant but readily scalable. Rest assured, with Azure, you and your team will be able to oversee and manage your security needs in real time, resulting in fewer cyber risks and a stronger cybersecurity posture. 

Azure security tools all companies should have

1. Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel offers users threat intelligence and security analytics abilities that can be used to monitor attack vectors, detect malicious codes/activity, and facilitate cyber threat responses. A cloud-based tool, Sentinel can be scaled up or down depending your needs, ensuring that your business has a centralized, automated security platform that does not overexert company resources. 

2. Azure Key Vault

Key Vault is an Azure security service that provides a secure storage space for sensitive data. This can include information such as passwords and keys. With its built-in compliance and encryption features, Azure Key Vault can help protect your business’s secret data and improve its cybersecurity posture.

3. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

An identity and access management (IAM) tool and the heart of Microsoft Azure, Azure AD provides businesses with the ability to securely manage user accounts and access privileges. Specifically, it helps prevent unauthorized access into IT solutions using multi-factor authentication (MFA), user provisioning, and more.

With Azure AD, companies can gain a clearer view of their network and better manage the entities that are moving through it.

4. Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a powerful Azure security tool that empowers you to safeguard your Azure resources. Defender for Cloud provides you with the means to access customizable protocol management and security monitoring tools to detect inconspicuous cybersecurity risks. It uses a centralized interface to make it easier for users to take action when threats are detected, allowing you to improve your company’s security status and strengthen its overall cybersecurity posture. 

Tips for improving your cybersecurity posture with

While Azure security tools can offer your business the resources it needs to safeguard its IT solutions, cybersecurity is ultimately the responsibility of you and your team. You can use the following practices to improve data security within your organization:

1. Invest in cybersecurity awareness training

Your company needs to be well-informed of the cybersecurity risks that can threaten it. By undertaking awareness training, you and your people will become knowledgeable in security best practices (for example, how to identify social engineering attacks and other security risks) and how to protect your organization’s IT solutions.

2. Conduct a cybersecurity posture assessment

To improve your business’s security environment, you first need to be aware of its security status. An assessment will uncover the areas where your cybersecurity posture is solid, where it could be improved, and how your company can go about making these improvements. All in all, thorough assessments directly contribute to an organization’s risk management strategies, so it would be a good idea to conduct them regularly to keep yourself up to date on your company’s preparedness for cyber threats.

3. Use Azure’s backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions

Through Azure, Microsoft offers various data backup and disaster recovery services that companies can use to keep their information safe when systems go down. With DR and data backups, your business will be able to bounce back from disasters efficiently and quickly—an effective way to better futureproof your IT solutions.

4. Acquire the assistance of Azure security experts

When used effectively, Microsoft Azure can provide your organization with the most innovative cloud solutions to support your current and future operations. But implementing its services into a business’s existing processes can be challenging. And when you consider the intricacies of Azure security tools—and how they need to be configured correctly to ensure that your IT solutions are protected by the security standards they need—the task may seem even more nerve-wracking.

Azure security professionals specialize in deploying, monitoring, and maintaining Microsoft’s cloud tools and their security features. An Azure security expert can take hold of your company’s Azure environment and uplift it with the appropriate safety configurations. Whether a business needs to update its cloud security strategies or requires multi-factor authentication (MFA), an Azure security specialist has the expertise any business needs to mitigate risks and safeguard work environments.

Protect your IT solutions with the best of Azure’s security solutions

In today’s technologically advanced world, cybersecurity solutions are an absolute must for companies. Microsoft Azure can provide your IT solutions with advanced security tools, and with the help of an experienced Azure security provider, you can ensure your data and people are kept safe from cybersecurity risks.

The team of Microsoft experts at Davenport Group have years of experience identifying vulnerabilities and fixing them with Azure security solutions before they grow. The team’s approach to cybersecurity is holistic and easily customizable, meaning that you can feel confident knowing that the Azure security measures surrounding your IT assets are completely in sync with your organization’s values. 

With Davenport Group, you can rest assured knowing that your Azure environment and its data are protected with maximum security and compliance.