Identity and access management solutions: Do you need them?

Identity and Access Management Solutions

With network security threats running rampant now and into the future, it is critical that American businesses ensure that only authorized personnel can access systems and confidential data. 

Identity and access management (IAM) systems address this challenge by providing a comprehensive framework for managing accounts, access privileges, and authentication processes. This article will explore IAM and its features to give organizations greater clarity over a staple cybersecurity practice. 

Identity and access management solutions: Do you need them?

IAM is a cybersecurity practice that allows organizations to design and grant access privileges to sensitive information and resources, controlling who can access and view company information. Likewise, identity and access management solutions provide a centralized platform for creating, revoking, and managing user identities. From this, the solutions make it easier for users to ensure data privacy and security via regulatory compliance and account monitoring.

Oftentimes, identity and access management solutions contain the following features:

IAM tools can be cloud-based, on-premises, or leveraged through a hybrid arrangement. All organizations’ IT solutions and networks are different. Consequently, it is crucial that companies understand their data privacy and security requirements before choosing a solution that fits their exact needs.

What cybersecurity threats can IAM reduce?

IAM solutions can reduce and help prevent numerous cybersecurity threats, including:

Insider threats

Insider threats refer to the risks posed by employees who can (either intentionally or accidentally) access systems to expose data. Identity and access management solutions can help safeguard IT networks by enforcing access control measures at a per-user/per-group level (known as granular access control). This ensures that users can only access and view the resources they need to perform their jobs and nothing else.

Weak passwords

Weak passwords have resulted in multiple cybersecurity incidents over the years. Passwords that are too short or easy to guess can be easily compromised by threat actors, leading to data breaches and other consequences. Identity and access management solutions enable strong password hygiene that boosts data privacy and security. 

With IAM, companies can ensure secure access to systems with customizable password policies. Users can create protocols that enforce the use of strong passwords, along with an update schedule to ensure passwords are changed regularly.  

Overprivileged accounts

When certain user accounts have more privileges than is absolutely necessary, it can increase the likelihood of unauthorized user movements and access. IAM tools can help companies better manage the access privileges of their employee accounts to prevent users from wandering through networks, enhancing data security.

Why should businesses use IAM tools?

Organizations collect, share, and leverage sensitive data every day. Therefore, it is vital to maintain secure access to systems to mitigate the chances of data loss and system damage. 

With IAM, you can enjoy the following benefits:

3 IAM best practices

Setting up and applying identity and access management solutions to a company’s systems can be complicated. But with the following practices, businesses will be able to deploy the right safety measures for their IT solutions.

Let employees access systems quickly and securely with identity and access management solutions

With all the sensitive and regulatory information they contain, a company’s IT solutions are gold mines for threat actors. While securing your business’s network takes more than safeguarding login processes, IAM tools make it possible for you to design a comprehensive data privacy and security measure that minimizes the likelihood of hackers successfully accessing your systems.  

Davenport Group’s cybersecurity specialists can help you manage access to your essential networks with IAM tools built to last. The team can support your business with leading IAM expertise. They can do it all, from implementing IAM solutions into your cybersecurity framework to maintaining them for optimal security. 

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