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At Davenport Group, we work hard to stay current with the latest technology innovations. Our partners at Dell Technologies, VMware, and Microsoft are leading the way in IT transformation, and we love to talk about their success. Below, we share important news stories and press releases discussing the ever-evolving IT industry.

Davenport Group Partners with SAASTEPS

“We are excited to take this step for our customers and our business partners,” says Sonia St. Charles, CEO and Co-Founder of Davenport Group. “Upgrading our commerce systems and internal quoting processes will enable our customer-facing teams to provide a world-class experience for our clients from the initial handshake through renewals and relationship expansion.” READ FULL ARTICLE

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Davenport Group Acquires Innovative Salesforce Consulting Firm, SalesPath

“Salesforce is a critical CRM for companies of all sizes and in all industries,” says Sonia St. Charles, Davenport Group CEO and Co-Founder. “At Davenport Group, we rely on Salesforce to organize and manage our business, so we know how important an efficient and effective Salesforce practice is for running a successful company. That’s why we believe in SalesPath.” READ FULL ARTICLE

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Davenport Group Achieves Microsoft Gold Partner Certification

“We look forward to growing our partnership with Microsoft, a true leader in enterprise software,” says Brad Johnson, Davenport Group Director of Engineering in OS and Cloud. “Our team works hard to build and maintain the knowledge and skills needed to design and complete Microsoft deployments for our customers.” READ FULL ARTICLE

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Dell’s new developer-focused strategy: Dell World 2022

Experts and analysts, including Sonia St. Charles, CEO of Dell partner Davenport Group, said Michael Dell’s shift to make Dell Technologies a more developer-focused company is a smart play. “We see that all of our customers want to progress and move further along as much as their budget, or whatever the constraints are, with newer technologies, and everything needs to be connected,” she said. READ FULL ARTICLE

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