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At Davenport Group, we work hard to stay current with the latest technology innovations. Our partners at Dell Technologies, VMware, and Microsoft are leading the way in IT transformation, and we love to talk about their success. Below, we share important news stories and press releases discussing the ever-evolving IT industry.

Davenport Group Introduces New Vice President of Sales

IT industry leader Kyle Coke joins the Davenport Group team as the new Vice President of Sales. “Kyle’s unique combination of skills and experience will be critical for us as we expand our capabilities as a trusted innovation partner for our customers. We are excited to have his knowledge and his proven track record of success to help us build and execute our growth strategy over the coming years,” shares Sonia St. Charles, CEO. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Michael Dell: Dell’s Global Workforce will be 50% Women by 2030

Dell has big goals for 2030! As part of the newly announced “Progress Made Real” initiative the industry leader plans to make women 50% of its global workforce. A goal Davenport Group as a women-owned business and exclusive Dell Technologies partner fully supports. Sonia St. Charles, CEO of Davenport Group, states “Certainly there are more women in IT now than ever, but there is still not enough. Michael Dell’s commitment to hiring more women is yet another example of his leadership in our industry.” READ FULL ARTICLE

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The Future According To Michael Dell

Since 2007, Dell EMC’s channel strategy has come a long way. As an all-in Dell partner for the last decade, Sonia St. Charles shares her thoughts on the journey and Michael Dell’s vision for the future. “When we became an all-in Dell partner, it was a big bet. But since then, Michael’s earned our trust. The company has earned our trust,” she said. “His steady hands and his long-term vision coupled with the patience to let things evolve and take the appropriate time is important. He’s done it right rather than rushed it.” READ FULL ARTICLE

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Dell EMC Opens Up About New Midrange Storage Coming This Year

Dell EMC has two outstanding storage lines in its Unity and SC families, said Paul Clifford, President of Davenport Group. “Continuing to work on both existing families while preparing the next generation of midrange arrays makes sense because the next generation will probably be revolutionary, not evolutionary,” he said. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Dell VMware Doubling Down On Integrations; Partners ‘Thrilled’

Dan McCormick said the joint engineering between the two companies will not only help partners win sales in the market, but provides customers with a more consistent and seamless IT experience. He said that although both Dell and VMware will have their own individual business and build partnerships with vendors who may compete against other individual families within Dell Technologies, the assurance of a tightly coupled Dell-VMware solution can’t be matched. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Dell EMC Revamps Federal Channel Partner Strategy With Distributors

“We see [Dell EMC’s] leadership happening everywhere even with the most recent GSA win with VxRail, which is a very important area we play in,” said McCormick. “Anytime that Dell EMC can help simplify the complex environment within the federal buying process, it allows the channel a good opportunity to step in with their unique value.” READ FULL ARTICLE

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New Dell Technologies Advantage Program Will ‘Elevate’ Dell Partners

Partners are pumped for the new Dell Technologies Advantage framework, telling CRN that an end-to-end cohesive story and channel delivery mechanism will undoubtedly change the customer conversation. “It really helps to elevate the conversation into one that’s more about the enterprise stack and the overall business priority,” said Dan McCormick, Executive Vice President at St. Paul, Minn.-based Davenport Group, a Dell Technologies partner. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure: A Look at Your Options (and Cookies!)

I know it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the offerings out there around hyperconverged infrastructure. Which option do I choose? Is it worth the investment? How do I know? These questions about HCI are all valid. There are so many ways to accomplish your IT goals with vSAN alone. I’m here today to clear up some of this confusion using something everyone loves: cookies. READ FULL ARTICLE

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